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GD10 gas detector for LPG, gasoline 			/ gasoline, monitor and alarm


Operating Voltage:
10.5 - 16.0 VDC

Current Drain:
Less than 0.10 amps

Better than 25% LEL (Lower Explosive Level)

Operating temperature:
0 to 50 deg Celsius ( 32 to 122 deg Fahrenheit)

2.75" X 4.1" deep (70mm to 104mm)

Built-in 85 dB audible alarm.

LPG / Gasoline / Petrol sensor standard, internal

GD10 LPG, gasoline / petrol gas detector, monitor and alarm

The GD10 Gas Vapor Monitor detects gas vapors at 25% of the concentration required for an explosion (LEL or Lower Explosive Limit).

The alarm will continue to sound as long as the sensor detects a dangerous concentration of gas vapor.

The GD10 uses switch-mode technology to lower the power requirements for the sensor and draws less than 0.10 amps at 12VDC.

The GD10 comes with one LPG/Petrol/Gasoline sensor built-in.

Each GD10 is assembled and then 100% tested with a calibrated gas to insure accuracy of the alarm trip point.

GD10 Gas Detector Connection Diagram

GD10 Gas Vapor Detectorl Connection Diagram

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